Hi everybody! Today i want to suggest you an interesting project called IWA (International Water Association).

This Association operates in terms of sustainability and it’s programme is focused on water security, in particular how the design of cities in the future could be harmonised and re-engineered to minimise the use and increase the coverage of water in lower and middle income countries. It wants to provide the tools, knowledge, and opportunities for the water sector to address the challenges of urban water management integral with other urban services.untitled

The Future program, launched at the Stockholm Water Week in August 2009, aspires to help cities create robust responses to change pressures like climate change, population growth, urbanization, deterioration of urban infrastructure systems and more.

In my opinion this could be a great opportunity for less developped countries and an important matter of study for the most developped countries in the world!! Water is an important resource and is not renewable, so cities of the future should be thinking how to reduce consumptions and how to redistribute  it equally in the world.    imagesCASO8IPZ    imagesCADEYVRK

IWA is an international leader in the water Sector and has the responsibility to help cities and research communities to work together with a common aim.  The Association operates in different parts of the world. In particular it is concentrated on Africa, where it has established in 2009 an office that wants to address Africa’s increasing water and sanitation challenges. It also operates in China, Danube and eastern Europe, Latin America and Carribean, North America, South-East Asia & Pacific and Western and Southen Europe.

Water and its interactions with other urban services (energy, transportation, solid waste, etc.) is a central focus in the development  of urban areas.                       __TFMF_iqqns41zrl5l2ghfmbiwyksx_cdf2a806-7989-4625-b853-2c3929271db8_0___Selected__TFMF_gyayxm5b43xdfrlwpilsdefn_bd51a811-c4a4-490e-b9c5-f55997cd6184_0___Selected

What do you think about this topic? It’s an interesting project in perspective of the future?