Architects are communicators.

Today i want to discover with you a particular man that has created important projects in the urbanism’s sector.

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris known as Le Corbusier, was an architect and designer urban planner that has inspired a lot of architects in the world, because it is considered the pioneer of modern architecture. His name take place from an altered form of his mother’s name and it’s interesting, because this pseudonym meaning something special: everyone can reinvent himself.

I decide to talk about this man, because his way of thinking is very original. It was just modern years ago!! I have studied Le Corbusier in a urbanism’s course at the University of Milan and i liked it!

I don’t want to talk to you how  this man was extremely important, but i want to focus my attention  on his projects with the aim to capture his way of thinking a better city.  Le Corbusier proposed the Plan Voisin for Paris.

First of all he felt that cities should grow vertically and should be complex roadways separated from pedestrian traffic to promote efficient transport between the regions.

Le Corbusier’s hypothesis is that man will built his city on the principals of geometry. We perceive the external world and express the world within us! The main word is: ORDER. The city of the future must be planned rectangulary.

The city could be made in the image of man who is made in the image of…

Image Image

What do you think about Le Corbusier?

It is a little be different drawing something on the paper and realize it, because reality is different. In fact his project was considered as a “utopia”, like something that it is projected according to your dreams, but is really difficult to realize it.

Can Order survive in a possibile city of the future or not? Image