Hi everybody!

I want to show you a different way to connect the past with the future.

If i ask you to think about an underground city, you realize that i’m talking about an ancient city. It isn’t. This way of building a city is not only an ancient way, but also our minds are projecting cities that will be able to transform humans in ants.

This is not new, because  the principal city’s half of transport is the underground, but i want to talk about this new idea, because i think it could be interesting!

If the population continue to grow, we will need to discover new ways to build our cities, and this could be a solution, in prevision of a self-sufficient underground city.

An interesting project is proposed by a russian architect, Ab Elise, that has designed a city to be constructed 550-meters deep in an abandoned Siberian mine. It will be able to house about 100,000 people, and according to the project, the city will be ready for the 2020.

It will be divided in three levels containing vertical farms, residential areas and recreational spaces. It needs a protective glass, with the aim to guard it’s residents from Siberia’s weather. Image

At the moment the project is only on paper. So, what do you thing about this type of solution? if we’ll decide to build underground, could be dangerous or not?

I think immediately on problems concerning geological aspects, like impervious’ ground or in general earthquakes. Probably there will be new solutions for our security.