Hi everybody! Today i decided to show you a city that could be very very  interesting in prevision of our future!!!

I start with a question.. What is exactly an AEROTROPOLIS?

It sounds something that remind me my favourite half of transport, the ariplane. Isn’t it?

aerotropolis5  So an aerotropolis can be defined as a city developed around airports. Now we are accustomed to known cities that are built around a port, for example Boston, or a city developped around the most used half of transport, the car, such as Los Angeles.

Why we can’t build a city around an airport?! This idea came from the author and journalist Greg Lindsay, that shows how cities have to adapt to globalization. In our everyday life we don’t think how many things and product are transported by airplane in order to satisfy our needs. Flowers, food and the list can go on. People connect the airplane with their travels, but it is not only connected with tourism. The main disadvantages? Increasing air travel is not sustainable for aircraft’s CO2 emissions. In my opinion i think that using an airport as the hub of a new city can’t work, at least in the short term. Relatively few goods are valuable enough to be shipped by air. First of all the enormous consumption of ground that it requires.

What’s your opinion according to this new city thought for our future?