Good evening! I want to tell you something about cities that could be important for the development of our future. We know that today globalisation is a phenomenon that invests everyone and is difficult to find a city self-sufficient, but i want to show you a new city that will be one of the most important cities of the future, according to the benefits of economy business and the environment..

Masdar City is an emergent city not far from Abu Dabi (about 15 km). It will be one of the most sustainable communities in the world, because it will be completely itself serves as a model of what green urban development can be. The city is designed to provide an highest quality of life, with the lowest environmental footprint. It is estimated that  a permanent laboratory of green economy will be built there and energy will be produced by the sun and the wind. There will be a lot of green spaces and the resource of water will be managed with intelligence.

 So what is your opinion about this type of city? 

I think that could be a great idea of city, because it will produce everything that needs and in the same time using renewable energy.

Do you like it?                                                       references_masdar-city_masterplan_730x411