Hi! My name is Letizia and this is my new blog! I decide to write about cities of the future, because i think is a topic that could be object of considerations and it could be also a subject that will create different opinions  and points of view! We are 7 billion people and resources are not unlimited, so we have to project and to think about the perfect city of the future. Fantasy and imagination are two of the most important qualities that characterize urbanists. They try everyday to describe their personal view of what a city of the future must have. At the same time is also important to protect the environment and minimize consumptions.

Today I want to focus my attention on underwater cities.  

Living underwater today is possible. Technology is developed and day by day try to find new resources to allow new way of life.  Is possible to build constructions on the bottom of the ocean or sea. Since 1979 in the United States have been built 12 underwater’s environments. Today near Florida Keys’s islands, under the Atlantic Ocean, we can find three of them: the Aquarius Reef Base, the Marine Lab used for the trainings of the Marine and Nasa and the Jules Undersea Lodge.

The possibility to create underwater colonies of 100 people could be a great  experiment. If a society has the money and the need, this project can be realized. Technology would be deal with humidity, emergency evacuation systems and environmental controls.  Underwater cities have some beautiful aspects, for example the possibility to see everyday a different type of nature, like fishes and corals. New resources can be used to satisfy different needs. Cities can be built underwater  using new materials, like modules made of glass, bubbles of steel or a special cement.

 Unfortunately there are a lot of negative aspects. For example the difficulty to dispose off the refuses that  populations produce. Also the pressures are a problem: if we decide to build any deeper 300 mt. the returning on the surface will became much difficult.

The question is: underwater cities could be a good idea for our future?